European leader in lifestyle insurance and services

SPB Group designs and manages insurance and assistance offers for daily products and services (banking, telecom, distribution, mobility, travel, energy, health equipment). The Group is also specialized in repair, refurbishing and recycling of electronic devices through its subsidiary Save (+200 stores).
Founded in 1965 and present in 16 countries, SPB caters to companies (design of white label offers) as well as individuals (claims management). Its 1,200 employees are mobilized every day around 3 values: innovation, excellence and integrity.

1965 : Bank insurance
2000 : Affinity insurance (concept creation)
2005 : On-demand insurance (travel)
2012 : Sustainable insurance (services)
2020 : Embedded insurance

Key figures 2022

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A global presence

17 countries

Brokerage, management and embedded insurance

The SPB Group consists of several brokerage companies: SPB, Insurance2go, AVI International, C2A Garantie. As brokers and managers, they co-design and develop innovative, useful and simple insurance, assistance or cover extensions. These offers can be embedded in the purchase path of a third party, particularly through API-type technologies. The SPB Group's brokerage firms are also recognised for their in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance and data.

Repair, refurbishing and recycling

Save Group is a subsidiary of the SPB Group exclusively dedicated to the repair, refurbishing and recycling of products. A major player in the circular economy in Europe, Save Group has 7 centralised repair sites (Save Lab) and more than 200 local shops (Save Store). Save Group stands out thanks to its agreements with the manufacturers.

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