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An internal platform for collaborative projects at SPB


SPB, the European leader in insurance and everyday services, has set up an internal platform for creating collaborative projects, in association with the French start-up, Teamstarter.

"I am very pleased with the adoption of this platform which gives us the means to act together to give life to projects that are important to us. This reinforces one of the fundamental axes of our strategy: employee experience. This partnership with Teamstarter fits in perfectly with our approach to transforming SPB, as it encourages proactivity and promotes initiative-taking in a collaborative framework . "

Fabrice Pesin

SPB EVP Insurance

The principle of Teamstarter is simple: SPB gives each employee €10 per month. They can then either create their own project (alone or with others) by raising funds for it, or fund the projects of their colleagues. The projects have to focus on three areas: simplification and efficiency of our missions, quality of life at work, and CSR/diversity. Our employees are not alone in managing their projects because our partner, Teamstarter, accompanies them throughout their implementation.

Up to 1 April 2022, some ten projects had been funded and implemented. These include:

  • the creation of a smart beehive
  • the creation of a common library on the Le Havre site
  • the organisation of several clothing collections for the benefit of associations (including one in solidarity with Ukraine)
  • the installation of recyclable bins
  • the provision of umbrellas
  • the organisation of various introductory courses and workshops (sophrology, sketchnoting, shampoo making, etc.)

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