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SPB has concluded a new remote-working agreement with trade unions


SPB SAS announces that it has concluded a new agreement on remote working with representative trade unions. This agreement came into force on 15 September and concerns employees working in the insurance brokerage sector in France. In this way, SPB intends to build a real pact of trust with its employees and improve their quality of life at work by promoting a better work/life balance.

"I welcome the conclusion of this new agreement and thank the trade unions for the quality of the discussions that took place during the negotiations. The experience gained during the health crisis and the lockdowns demonstrated the autonomy and commitment of our staff in the area of remote working. This is why we wanted to introduce a new form of work organisation combining remote and on-site working during a six-month trial phase.  "

Jean-Christophe Boisseau

EVP Human Resources and member of the Executive Committee of SPB

To be specific, the agreement is based on the principle of mutual voluntary action. SPB employees have the option to work remotely up to three days a week in consultation with their manager and taking into account the needs of the departments.

The agreement provides for a trial period of six months to evaluate the proper functioning of the organisation of remote working. As soon as the agreement was put in place, 93% of the requests expressed by employees regarding the number of days were accepted.

Employees are provided with all the necessary IT equipment to work in comfortable conditions. To support this development, training is being provided to managers on coordinating remote and on-site work simultaneously. Employees have the opportunity to follow an e-learning course to adopt the right habits and mindset when they are working remotely.

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