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A unique skills chain

1 - Design assistance
  • Market watch, needs anticipation,
  • Contribution to the development of programmes and the drafting of general terms and conditions,
  • Advice on sales processes.
Making the offer relevant
2 - Implementation
  • Designing processes and flows,
  • Development and programming of business-line tools, extranets
  • Rollout of web services
  • Training on tools and programs.
Adapting to your requirements
3 - Sales Assistance
  • Training of sales staff,
  • Distribution through alternative channels, including direct marketing and e- shots.
Developing programmes successfully
4 - Insurance management
  • Management of memberships and claims with policyholders,
  • Goods assessment and evaluation services,
  • Payment-instrument services (blocking credit cards, card loss reporting, etc.),
  • "Complaints" service.
Ensuring top-level insurance management
5 - Repairs, Exchange, "Second life"
  • Diagnosis, repair, exchange and logistics for technical devices and goods (Save).
Boosting policyholder satisfaction, protecting the environment and controlling costs
6 - Technical Follow-up
  • Monitoring technical results, analysis and consultancy,
  • Satisfaction surveys with policyholders and networks,
  • Internal control for IT upgrades and service quality.
Managing policy risks over the long term

Creating value and loyalty

    • Boost the satisfaction of your customers and your brand image
    • Step up traffic in your network
    • Increase the loyalty of your customers
    • Improve the quality image of your products
    • Enjoy transparent management with regular reporting

Because more than 100 major brands trust us to help them design and manage insurance solutions, warranty extensions and the corresponding services, we now have some 50 million policyholders. Customer satisfaction is a priority at SPB, and one that we deliver on by harnessing all the resources in our skills chain.

To meet the expectations of our key account and insurance partners on business continuity and emergency plans, our insurance management business lines and information systems are evenly distributed throughout our 17 countries. Our entities are linked up by a secure and private network ensuring a permanent connection. In IT security, SPB follows the industry's most demanding standards (ITIL, SEPA and ISO 27005) and uses the widely-renowned Genesys application for customer management.

To develop tailored insurance programmes and services, we rely on a full-web IT platform that enables real-time dialogue and adapts flexibly to your IT tools. Our teams stand apart through their responsiveness in the development of new programmes.

We have long applied the most demanding service-quality standards at all our subsidiaries.