SPB, the first affinity insurance player to roll out the Cookie VocalTM artificial intelligence solution from start-up Allo-Media


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Published by SPB

SPB Group, the European leader in affinity insurance and services, is the first player in its market to roll out Cookie VocalTM, the artificial intelligence solution from start-up Allo-Media, after a conclusive test based on a small sample.

This unique and 100% French technology allows the group to capture the full content of telephone conversations with policyholders in some of its insurance programmes. Allo-Media’s solution carries out semantic analysis at the same time as automatically classifying data. It can be used to generate, in real time and anonymously, an accurate and dynamic map of policyholders’ areas of satisfaction and expectations. It helps SPB meet its objective of delivering excellence in the policyholder experience.

Jean-Marie Guian, Chairman of the management board of the SPB group, commented: “We are very happy about our partnership with Allo-Media. We manage 50 million policyholders in Europe, and 81% of them say they are satisfied with their experience with SPB. But our aim is to deliver operational excellence. Thanks to the mapping of SPB data carried out by Allo-Media’s technology solution, we are able to continuously identify areas for improvement, and thus improve the policyholder experience.”

Romain Sambarino, founder and CEO of Allo-Media, said: “Right from the start of our discussions, our relationship with the SPB team has been remarkable. Meeting a management team of a group of this size that can sign off a test in less than 15 days was particularly impressive and welcome for a start-up like us, with our focus on time to market. Our AI technology, which is unique in the market, should attract top-tier partners in the space of few months. This is certainly the case with SPB today, as well as ten or so of our very first clients who are just as agile and prestigious.”

Thanks to Cookie VocalTM, which puts artificial intelligence to work for people, SPB will be one of the first firms in France – and the first in affinity insurance – to fully digitise its telephone-based customer relationships, giving it more control over the customer experience and customer satisfaction.

About Allo-Media :

Originally a provider of online electronic directories and telephone leads, Allo-Media is one of those start-ups that have already successfully adapted their business model, building up a base of business experience and entrepreneurial maturity since 2011. After more than three years’ research and development in voice recognition and artificial intelligence technologies, associated with a team of French researchers well known in these fields, from LIUM (Laboratoire d’Informatique de l’Université du Maine), and supported by benevolent investors like investment fund VisVires Capital, Philippe Varin (formerly PSA, Areva), Nicolas Dufourcq (BPI), Kima Ventures (Xavier Niel), Denis Heraud (Microsoft), Frédéric de Belloy (Oxya), François Aubry (The Connecting Company), Arnaud Dassier (Eclypsia), and so on, the company launched its Cookie VocalTM technology offering at the end of September 2016. Allo-Media has already raised €3.5 million, and will continue with a larger funding round in late 2017 to support its international rollout: its automated word recognition artificial intelligence technology can be used in any language. To speed up its technological innovation, Allo-Media has based its research and development facility, known as ‘The Wizardry’, in Le Mans, while its head office is in Paris’s eighth arrondissement.

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