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Regulatory compliance

We are familiar with all the regulations governing the distribution of insurance products (Insurance Distribution Directive, Anti-Money Laundering). 

SPB stands out due to its expertise and familiarity with the numerous regulations governing insurance distribution (ORIAS, IDD, ML/TF, GDPR, Bloctel, etc.).


Advising and training to distribute insurance products

The distribution of insurance products is a highly regulated business. We support you in meeting these stringent compliance requirements. We advise you on the status your company should adopt to distribute insurance products and offer you training modules and programmes to facilitate the activities of your employees performing distribution functions.


We draft the information documents and notices associated with insurance products. Introduced under the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), standardised and mandatory pre-contractual information has to enable customers to compare offers and make an informed choice. In this context, we offer you standardised information documents that allow customers to understand the essential points of the contract in two pages: what is insured, excluded, the price, the warranties, etc.

Designing compliant information documents


Integrate all regulatory requirements into your customer journey

Our teams have the regulatory knowledge and technological expertise to seamlessly integrate all regulatory requirements into your customer journey. For example, we know how to integrate anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (ML/TF) requirements into our purchasing paths, during the life of the contract and in the claims process.