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Eveline Gielen, Marketing manager – SPB Benelux

What is your career history?

In 2013, I graduated as concept provider at the LUCA school of Arts in Brussels. This study was a mix of marketing, graphic design and innovative thinking. My work experience before SPB Benelux was mainly focused on the visualisation of concepts. SPB Benelux welcomed me in May 2015 to help them out with the online visibility and marketing plan for a network of retailshops. After a few months I got more and more involved in the affinity insurance concepts and services. What I love about my job at SPB Benelux is that I have the opportunity to work in every marketing related field (and there are many): copywriting, graphic design, creating a marketing plan, SEO/SEA, creating an online content plan, optimization of the customer journeys, trendwatching… and much more!

What are your assignements?

My first assignment is trendwatching. No, I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, but wouldn’t it be awesome to be one step ahead of everything? To always be a trendsetter? My goal is to keep finding good resources, to analyze the market and to use this information to our advantage.

I also work on optimizing the customer journey for all our projects. We know how important customer experience is and focus on optimizing our services by measuring the satisfaction of our customers. In 2018, we want to take this to the next level and optimize the customer journeys from A to Z for all projects. For me, 2018 should be a year to really look through the customer’s eyes. I don’t wear glasses but from now on I will! They are invisible though…

My last goal is to launch online services: I think I don’t have to explain the importancy of ‘online presence’ for a company. In 2018 we will also focus on launching online services and explore all the opportunities that lie ahead of us.

Which step must be next, from your point of view, to move forward to gender equality?

For me, gender equality is all about respect and culture. I think Belgium is a country that’s very progressive when it comes to this topic. I never had the feeling to be discriminated in any way, but I don’t speak for all the women in Belgium. People - not only women - can by discriminated on age, gender, nationality, skincolor, type of clothes, and so on. To move forward to a world where people are treated equally, we have to put ‘respect’ in the center of everything we do and be open minded instead of judgy.
Of course this is easier said than done. I think the expression “If you want to reach a certain goal, you have to work hard for it”is definitely applicable.
Looking at the management board of SPB Group, I think we can all agree that they are a good example of gender equality in the business/insurance - world. SPB evaluates you on your qualities, not on your gender.

Which woman do you admire the most and why?

I know you’re going to think it’s cheesy but remember what I just said about being open minded and not judgy? The woman I admire the most is my mother. She is one of the strongest people I know with the biggest heart. Life is full of obstacles and challenges, but the way you handle them will define who you are. That’s a very valuable lesson my mother taught me.