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SPB in brief

European leader in affinity insurance and services for over 100 major brands

  • <span>1,800 </span> employees 1,800 employees
  • <span>17</span> countries 17 countries
  • <span>SPB</span> campus SPB campus

Our values

Initiative, enthusiasm, respect, sense of service, perseverance, team spirit.

These values form the very identity of SPB. Harnessing them, we develop solutions adapted to the needs of our customers. SPB places these values at the heart of its business approach to fulfil the expectations of key account customers, insurance partners and policyholders.

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Supporting our policyholders

Our insurance managers work 100% to support our policyholders. Drawing on their management skills and in-depth policy knowledge, they listen to customers, analyse their needs and take quick decisions. The management teams are coordinated by team and department heads. True leaders, these individuals support their teams in their day-to-day work in respect of customer needs.

Creating bespoke solutions

Our key account managers and account managers put all their creativity and listening abilities to the use of our clients and insurers in the design and rollout of new products. They are responsible for the development of top-quality insurance programmes and services, and take care of monitoring and reporting with our clients.

Guaranteeing business continuity, security and performance

Our unique IT system was developed by teams of experts with specialised skills (including JAVA developers). Ensuring business continuity and system security, these teams stand apart through their unrivalled responsiveness in the development of new programmes.

Providing tailored services

Our technicians, specialized in diagnoses and repair, apply their skills to a broad range of products. They have developed unique know-how and adapt continuously to changes in technology. SPB handles the entire product life cycle through to recycling. The supply chain is the responsibility our "logistics officers", who take care of the flow of goods from product management to the return to policyholders.

Keeping performance levels high

Management Control, Accounting, Purchasing, Legal. All these functions work to make sure our company is run in an optimal manner. They are tasked with preventing risk, ensuring compliance and optimising costs and procurement with a view to keeping our company at the very highest performance levels.

Supporting Group development

The Human Resources, Quality and Communication functions share the same objective: to support the development of the Group. Our Human Resources officers help SPB staff in upskilling, internal mobility and their career evolution. The Quality teams measure customer satisfaction and carry out audits to maintain service quality, as part of a continuous improvement policy. The Communication teams take care of the company's image, rallying employees around the Group's key challenges and objectives.

SPB campus bespoke training

School SPB

Development at our company is driven by employees with extensive experience in customer relations, insurance, services, IT, sales and continuous improvement.

Through numerous new recruitments every year, fast-paced changes in business lines and products, and the development of a real Group culture, the SPB Campus, set up in 2010, fulfils the Group's significant training needs. It provides several types of bespoke training:

  • 25 training courses for managers
  • 3 weeks of training for insurance managers, covering, among other topics, customer relations, products and services, telephony resources, insurance fundamentals, and fraud detection. Once the trainees have developed confirmed skills and autonomy on one or two products, additional training courses are provided to upskill the managers
  • Training courses organised by external providers to further strengthen the skills of our employees.

Working at SPB... And much more !

Careers and Mobility

With 1,800 employees, SPB stands apart through a company culture based on high standards, responsiveness and merit. Present in 17 countries, SPB brings employees international opportunities.

Do you have technical expertise and/or skills in team or programme management? Then join SPB to enhance your experience and take on new challenges!

The diverse range of professions at SPB and the Group's numerous geographical bases provide you with a host of opportunities to further boost your skills and develop your professional experience.

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