IFA Berlin, the place to be for high-tech: what if we protect our products longer?



Published by SPB

With more than 200,000 visitors and exhibitors, IFA Berlin is Europe's leading high-tech event. For this occasion, the major brands of the sector unveil the novelties and flagship products of the year: smartphones, televisions, connected objects… All the innovations in the field of white, brown and grey goods are disclosed! These objects are an integral part of everyday life and one does not imagine a second doing without it. Yet breakdown, damage or even theft are common! What is to be done in this case?

Beyond legal conformity guarantees, it is possible to subscribe warranty extension extending for instance the duration of the warranties to three years if it really adds value.

Also, it is key to get used to the ways of life of consumers and their uses. For instance with multi-equipment, making available an offer for the entire home can cover more goods and limit multi-insurance subscriptions.

In 10 years, we became specialist of “the replace with new” warranty and breakdown. We manage extensions of warranty for white, brown and grey goods on behalf of insurers for the benefit of major retail, e-commerce and banking companies. Today, SPB, on its own or via its subsidiaries and as an insurance intermediary, manages nearly fifty million policyholders and is the European leader in the field of affinity insurance.

Romuald Censier
Sales and Marketing Director of the SPB Group