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Insurance as a growth driver for opticians


The ophthalmology market is in a state of upheaval and there is little cause for optimism as the years ahead look difficult. However, the need for eye-care products is growing. So, how do you stand out in this highly competitive market?

A market in upheaval
Over several years, the ophthalmology market has become increasingly tough. Combining shop closures, new regulatory constraints, the capping of social-security reimbursement levels and the "zero excess" reform, and a general decline in turnover due to Covid-19 lockdowns, etc. with new distribution models (e-commerce, phygitalisation, home- or work-based opticians, discount-sector products) and new services (pick & collect, virtual fitting, the Visagisme app, personalisation of offers, home delivery, etc.) which are changing consumer habits as well as the competitive landscape, results in a market that is in upheaval, which can be disorientating for those who are in it.

However, there is one factor that gives cause for optimism in this market with a highly competitive future: incalculable growth. The market never appears to be saturated as needs grow due to an ageing population and the increased detection of myopia among those aged between 15 and 30. In addition, digital innovations (smart glasses, artificial intelligence, visual recognition applications, augmented reality) represent a tremendous opportunity. Constantly evolving, the ophthalmology market is diverse but it requires a great deal of adaptation.

How can opticians stand out?
Beyond the quality of the products sold, opticians have a vested interest in reassuring their customers during the purchasing process. Lenses and frames are very expensive and represent a significant investment.

By offering customers a guarantee to cover risks such as breakage, theft and loss, opticians can enhance their products and improve customer satisfaction, thereby ensuring customer loyalty. This type of guarantee can be offered free of charge as part of the sale or purchased as an option with a one-off payment or through a subscription.

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