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SPB receives the French Fab label for its digital transformation strategy


The SPB Group has been awarded the French Fab label. This new label highlights the expertise of companies in the fields of innovation and digital technology, and grants SPB a French Fab loan of €5 million to implement its digital transformation strategy.

Launched in 2017 by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and coordinated by Bpifrance, the French Fab label aims to highlight, revitalise and accelerate the development of French industry abroad.

This label is awarded to companies that are established in France and open to the changes brought about by digital technology, new technologies and the green economy, and that are capable of reinventing themselves. It rewards the attractiveness of French expertise and contributes to the recognition of French excellence and creativity.

"The French Fab label is a recognition of the relevance of our digital transformation strategy and shows that after 50 years in business, we are constantly innovating. We are proud to represent French expertise and to promote the Normandy region. "
Jean-Marie Guian

CEO of SPB Group

"The SPB Group is resolutely committed to reinvention. Through its entrepreneurial history, its roots in the region and its international influence, SPB has demonstrated its commitment to growth and innovation by embracing the changes brought about by digital technology, new technologies and green growth. In view of its digital strategy, we believed that it was important to support this company. "
Philippine Lucille

Rouen Regional Director