SPB, a responsible group

Our mission is to protect and assist consumers on a daily basis with innovative, useful and simple services.

“For the past 10 years, we have integrated a circular economy approach into our activities through the repair, reconditioning and recycling of insured and non-insured goods. As part of our broader CSR strategy, “SPB is committed”, we are extending and strengthening our actions in other areas around the 6 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to a global CSR policy for the group to further increase our positive impact on society and the environment.”

Jean-Marie Guian
CEO of SPB Group

SPB is committed

The CSR strategy of the "SPB is committed" group focuses on six Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations:

A key player in the circular economy

Save Group, a subsidiary of the SPB group, provides repair, refurbishing and recycling services for insured products or directly to private individuals, thereby extending their life span. Save Group is distinguished by a strong commitment: “Repair more, discard less”.