A 100th Point Service Mobiles shop renamed Save


In Reims, Save is taking a major step forward in its local smartphone repair network, with its 100th Point Service Mobiles shop renamed Save. The shop is located in the Champfleury shopping centre (51 route Nationale).
Save is a clearer name, easy to remember, more consistent with the repair business and is understandable worldwide. Its commitment is “Repair more, throw away less” by extending the life of products.
” In March 2020, we announced our decision to unify all our repair, refurbishing and recycling businesses around the Save name to make our offers more understandable to our audiences. Moreover, Save is an identity that is totally consistent with our involvement in the circular economy for over 10 years. This is why I am delighted that the hundredth shop – in a network that has 180 in France – has adopted the Save name in Reims. With more than half of our shops now branded as Save in France, we are taking an important step in our strategy. Our ambition is to become a leader in the circular economy with 500 Save shops in Europe by 2025. “
Chairman of Save Group

About Save


Through its 220 local shops and 7 centralized repair sites in Europe, Save Group provides repair, refurbishment and recycling services for high-tech and household appliances. Save Group caters for private individuals as well as manufacturers and distributors in the telco, retail, e-commerce and mobile sectors, and for insurance brokers. Save is a subsidiary of SPB Group, the European leader in lifestyle insurance and services.