Save, a new identity for the service activities of the SPB Group


SPB Group announces the unification of its service activities under a new identity: Save

The SPB Group announces the unification of its service activities under a new identity: Save.

Following the acquisition in 2019 in France of the Save brand, a competitor of the Point Service Mobiles subsidiary, the SPB group is pursuing its strategy of unifying its service activities with the change of identity of all its repair, reconditioning and recycling activities to Save.

Save is a clearer, easier to remember name, more consistent with the business of repairing, reconditioning and recycling goods and is understandable worldwide. Its commitment is “Fix more, throw away less”. Its new signature becomes “Protect, Repair, Recycle”.

This new identity is available in three versions:

  • Save Group, which brings together all the service activities of Point Services Mobiles, Phone Service Center, SPB Services and Save corners,
  • Save Lab, which refers to the repair, reconditioning and recycling activities carried out centrally in our factories. As such, SPB Services, Citymain lab, SPB.lab become Save Lab,
  • Save Store, which refers to local repair, reconditioning and recycling activities. As such, Point Service Mobiles, Phone Service Center and Save corners will gradually become Save Stores (300 stores in France and the rest of Europe).

« We have decided to unify all our repair, reconditioning and recycling businesses under the name Save to make our offers more easily understandable to our key account partners, insurers and manufacturers. Moreover, Save is an identity that is totally consistent with our involvement in the circular economy for over 10 years. Our ambition is to reach 500 stores in Europe by 2025. »

Jean-Marie GUIAN

CEO of SPB Group

This project will be progressively deployed in France and Europe over a period of 2 years.